Tips For Creating A Unique Look For The Exterior Of Your Home


If you have decided that the exterior of your home needs a little bit of a facelift, you will need to start thinking creatively. To help set your home apart from all of the rest on your street, you will want to consider using some of the following tips.

Have Your Garage Door Receive A Special Design

You can spruce up the look of your old plain looking garage door with the help of a creative designer. He or she will be able to come up with a design that is sure to be pleasing to your eyes, and the eyes of everyone who passes your house. You might just want some small unique touches in the corners of the garage door. Then again, you might be bold and want the entire surface of the garage door to be covered in vibrant color and design.

Add Glow Stones In The Flower Bed Surrounding Your Home

These colorful stones give a variety of texture and color to what might have otherwise been a very dull looking landscape. The best thing about the glow stones is that they absorb the UV rays from the sun during the day. Then, at night, they glow, which will give your home a mystical and very inviting look to it. You can either spread the glow stones throughout so they mix in with your current stone or mulch layout. Then again, you could go all out and completely replace your old stone and mulch with glow stones. Even if it adds a little more to the budget that  you had planned, you may want to consider what an incredible impact it would give the look of your home at night. There surely will not be another house on the block like yours.

Use More Than Two Colors

Too many people make the mistake of assuming that a properly painted house will only use two colors. They will have the base color for the exterior walls and then another color for both the shutters, railings, and porch. While there is nothing wrong with this option if it is what you like, you could mix it up a bit by getting more creative with the color design of your home. Talk with a designer about three or four colors which compliment each other well. This way, before you start painting everything, you will know that you have made the best decision regarding the colors you decided to go with.

It might be a good bit of work, but every moment will be worth it when you have the most unique looking house on your street.


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6 January 2017

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