Updates To Your Windows And Doors To Keep Your Home Safe And Comfortable


The windows and doors of your home help control the security and energy efficiency you enjoy within your home on a daily basis. If either area is lacking just a bit, your entire home can be susceptible to uncomfortable temperature fluctuations, poor security, and limited access. To keep your home comfortable, safe, and full of plenty of sunshine and fresh breezes, here are some updates you can make to your windows and doors.

Secure Your Doors

Your home's exterior doors are a big protection to your home, and the type of hardware you have installed on them can make all the difference in the world. Steel exterior doors installed on all your home's entrances are a great feature to start with. You can also install an exterior security storm door to protect your home and allow for sunshine and fresh spring breezes to enter. Then, update the door's hardware to make sure you have a long-lasting, durable, and secure door handle with a dead bolt and any additional security features, such as a keypad entry.

Emtek door hardware products, for example, are made of solid brass that will last for many years and are fire resistant. But you can also choose from wrought steel, wax cast bronze, and stainless steel. 

When you buy quality-built door hardware you don't need to worry about the handles and locks wearing out, becoming loose, or failing after several years. And you can order them to all match with the hinges of all your exterior doors and also your interior door hardware, including the hardware on all your cabinetry. This can give your home a durable material that will look beautiful for decades.

Update Your Windows

It is also a good idea to update your windows, especially if your existing home windows are lacking in security. The locks on your windows can help keep out intruders and also make it easy for your family to escape through in an emergency.

Update your home windows with a variety of new frame materials with easy-to-use secure locks and glass that is treated to protect your home's energy. Inefficient window glass and frames can cause heat transfer through your windows in the summer and winter, making your home interior less comfortable and your heating and air conditioning bills more expensive each season.

You can update your home's windows with a low-emissivity coating to prevent heat transfer and boost your home's cooling ability in the summer, especially if you live in a warmer climate. And this beats the alternative of lining your window's interior with reflective foil to help combat the heat of summer and keep your home interior cool.


21 April 2019

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Doors and toddlers can be a bad mix. Not only do you have to worry about fingers getting pinched, but you have to worry about your mischievous little one locking himself in the bathroom and getting into all sorts of trouble. So, what can you do to ensure that your toddler is safe from injuries or trouble when it comes to the doors in your home? This blog will give you all sorts of safety tips that can be applied to the doors that are inside your home. Hopefully, my experiences with my six kids will help you avoid some of the disastrous moments that we have experienced in mine.