Troubleshooting Overhead Doors


Overhead doors are very useful for keeping vehicles safe when they are parked in a garage. It is difficult for thieves to break inside of a garage that has an overhead door attached that is in good shape. However, such a door is much easier to break into when it has problems that need to be repaired, such as misaligned or damaged parts. 

A problematic door can also put your safety in danger if it is continuously used without any repairs being made. Reading through the general information below will enlighten you on what might be wrong with your garage door if it doesn't function properly.

Strange Operation from the Door

Various things can go wrong with an overhead door that causes it to operate strangely. For example, the door can begin opening and closing on its own throughout each day. If your garage door operates in such a manner, a neighbor's garage door transmitter might share the same frequency as yours, allowing them to operate your door. Resetting the frequency of your transmitter will resolve the problem. If you don't have the instruction manual to your door to reset the transmitter on your own, a professional can do it quickly. 

The Inability to Remain Closed 

Does your garage door go down when you close it, but immediately opens back up? It is possible that the photo eyes are the problem in such a case. Photo eyes are basically infrared beam sensors that signal the door to open and close. One job of the sensors is to prevent the door from injuring people, such as by detecting when someone or an object is under the door. Clearing the area beneath your door can resolve sensors problems so it will close properly, but you might also need to get the open and close limit reset.

Loud Noise with Door Movement

Overhead doors are generally quiet while they are opening and closing. When the doors become noisy, it is often due to the tracks or rollers needing some attention. In the case of rollers, rust or dirt might be the problem, which requires them being cleaned or replaced. The tracks most common problem is misalignment, but a professional can line them back up. The door itself can be the cause of loud noise with movement, and you might need to replace it if there is a substantial amount of damage present.


30 June 2018

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