Choosing The Perfect Exterior Door


Selecting the right exterior door for your home is a decision that requires careful consideration. Your front door creates a first impression and plays a critical role in security, energy efficiency, and protection against the elements. 

How Should You Weigh Material Options For Your New Exterior Door?

Wood doors exude timeless beauty and elegance. They offer excellent insulation properties and can be customized to match any architectural style. Nonetheless, they need routine upkeep to avoid warping or rotting brought on by exposure to moisture or bad weather.

The popularity of fiberglass doors is due to its dependability and minimal maintenance needs. They are resistant to UV fading, scratches, and dents. Fiberglass doors also have better insulating qualities. On the downside, they may lack the aesthetic appeal of wood doors. Because of its durability and security qualities, steel doors are well known. They offer good defense against forced entrance and have a high level of resistance to inclement weather.

What Security Features Should You Look For In An Exterior Door?

When considering security features for your exterior door, focus on robust locks such as deadbolts or electronic keypad locks that provide enhanced protection against break-ins. Reinforced strike plates and hinges are also essential to overall security.

Ensure your exterior door is installed with reinforced frames from sturdy materials like steel or solid wood. Likewise, opt for heavy-duty hinges that cannot be easily tampered with or removed. Consider doors with impact-resistant features such as laminated glass or reinforced cores for areas prone to extreme weather conditions or potential impact. These features help protect your home from severe storms and potential break-ins.

Should You Consider A Pre-Hung Or Slab Door?

Pre-hung exterior doors come preassembled with the door, frame, and hinges, making installation more accessible and more convenient. They are excellent for those undertaking a new construction project or complete door replacement.

Slab exterior doors only consist of the door slab, without the attached frame and hinges. They are ideal for those looking to replace just the door while keeping the existing frame intact. Slab doors offer more flexibility in customization options and can be less expensive than pre-hung doors. When deciding between pre-hung and slab exterior doors, consider factors such as your skill level in DIY installations, time constraints, budget considerations, and whether you require a complete unit or just the door itself.

How Can Weather Conditions Impact Your Choice?

If your exterior door is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods throughout the day, consider materials that offer excellent UV resistance to prevent fading or discoloration over time. In regions with high humidity levels or frequent rain showers, prioritize materials resistant to moisture absorption and warping, such as fiberglass or steel doors.

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31 August 2023

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