Uses For High-Speed Doors


What are high-speed doors? 

High-speed doors are doors that do just what you would think: close fast. They usually look something like a garage door and are often custom sized. They are usually used in industrial buildings.

What are the uses for a high-speed door?

High-speed doors can handle repeated and constant use better than a regular door, so they are ideal for plants or factories where there is a need to transport goods, repeatedly, from one place to another through a doorway. Where a regular everyday door would wear out from all that use, a high-speed door is built to last. High-speed doors are also made to close quickly so that one area can be quickly contained or blocked off from another part of a factory or plant. This means that unauthorized personnel can't slip inside restricted areas. This can also help maintain temperature or humidity specifications within a room. The quick closing feature can also aid in maintaining cleanliness in an area, and a high-speed door means that things can get done faster, impacting the overall efficiency of manufacturing or shipping goods. There are many different industries that use high-speed doors.

  • High-speed doors are used in the car manufacturing industry to maintain clean rooms and move cars and parts as fast as possible. 
  • High-speed doors are also used in any industry that needs to use refrigeration, like the food industries, in order to control the temperature and maintain the right environment for their produce. 
  • High-speed doors are also found in chemical factories to help with safety and security, easily blocking an area off when needed. 

How do you pick a high-speed door?

When looking to buy a commercial high-speed door, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

  1. Speed — If the speed of the door closing is paramount to why you need the door in the first place to maintain an environment or make processing faster, make this one of your top concerns. Some doors can even move as fast as 4 meters a second. 
  2. Durability — A big part of a high-speed door's value is in its industrial-strength durability. If the door is going to be put through heavy use, make sure that you look for a door that is built to work smoothly so that it puts less strain on its components. 
  3. Safety — Another important factor to consider is how safe your potential door is. If the door is going to be used by employees or is around people, safety is key. High-speed doors can be built with safety features and emergency functions to prevent them from closing on people or objects.

For more information, contact a commercial high-speed door service.


7 April 2020

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