Common Garage Door Problems And Repairs


Garage doors can be a common feature that is found in many homes. However, it is a reality that the garage door system that your home uses may eventually need to undergo any number of potential repairs.

Recognize The Impact The Local Climate Can Have On The Garage Door

The local climate can have a sizable impact on the overall condition of your garage door system. For example, those that are near a body of saltwater may find that the metal and mechanical parts of the garage door will corrode far more quickly. Regularly cleaning these components can help to lessen this as it will remove the salt before it can cause the rust to form. Additionally, keeping the garage door closed can also help with reducing the amount of salt that can accumulate. Those in cold weather climates may have to contend with ice developing on their garage door and the opener. The ice can add tremendous amounts of weight to the door, which may overwhelm the opener. If your garage door has developed ice accumulations on the door or the opener, they should be removed before you attempt to use it.

Replace Broken Garage Door Windows

The windows of your garage door can break or crack from a number of different causes. Whether this is from storm-related impacts, bumping the glass when moving items in the garage, or children playing near the door, it is important to replace these windows. Failing to replace the damaged or broken windows can lead to it being harder to regular the temperature inside the garage and the rest of the house. Also, these broken windows can represent a major security threat for the home as they will make it easier for individuals to gain entry to the interior of the garage. Fortunately, replacing broken garage door windows is an easy repair that you may not have to hire a professional to complete for you.

Repair Jammed Rollers

Jammed rollers can be a problem that is capable of greatly hindering the ability of the garage door to open and close. Often, jammed rollers are a result of the garage door railing not being cleaned on a regular basis. In many instances, simply cleaning the rollers should be enough to remove the dirt and dust that is causing them to be jammed. While the repair for this issue is simple, it is still important to complete it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the jammed roller may put increased strain on the opener and the railing.

For more information, contact a garage door repair service in your area.  


10 September 2021

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